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Like I said, it’s not a matter of dishonesty (and I certainly am not trying to be judgmental), it’s merely a difference in focus.In Japan, the money simply gets spent on other things: things that make the car look good, and go good…let’s face it, it is those things that we love about JDM classics in the first place.One rather shocking learning from this whole experience is that when it comes to buying classic JDM, you should be extremely careful.And the reason for this is a difference in focus between western car enthusiasts and JDM car guys.I want a Hakosuka I said, and described what I wanted.Initially, I was quite flexible about buying a 2dr or a 4dr, my main aim was to buy the best-condition car possible, irrespective of the number of doors.Like all the others, it looked a million bucks, but the details were promising.The car had been restored 2yrs prior, an engine-out, glass-out resto that saw the interior, engine bay and boot repainted.

Chat cams 1 to 1 free no rego sexy-24

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It’s like being a kid in the most awesome, biggest candy store.

And I’ll tell you a little bit more about the car itself soon, too.

Can’t talk now…’got some Webers to go and take apart. : Project Hakosuka: Right Back At The Beginning (Part One) Well, I guess I better tell you guys a little more about the car!

The floor underneath had been rust treated and repainted too.

The engine had triple Webers, extractors and dual exhaust…and yes, it had big Watanabes.

For example, when a car is resprayed a different colour, in 90% of the time the engine bay will be left the original colour.

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