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11-Sep-2017 02:02

Often they will mix together in their play, but the tendency is to divide according to age and sex.The boy or girl who is especially fond of the opposite sex is abnormal and the literary example of such abnormality is found in the nursery rhyme: At about the age of fourteen, however, a change is noticeable.There is a great need, therefore, for some Christian leader to write a book on this subject that will speak an authoritative word to Christian young people.I have not the competence to write such a book, but while we wait for it, I humbly offer to my young Christian friends this short work.

It is the butt of so much distasteful humor and the subject of so many jokes that young people must often wonder what sort of sinister ghost it is that lurks in the matrimonial cupboard.

To most young people it is a thrilling game played with great zest. `I've seen enough of married life in the home where I've been brought up,' she answered. She was brought up by childless relatives who had been kind to her and given her a splendid education.