Dealing dating disappointments

19-Aug-2017 15:20

As you approach a traffic light, it turns yellow, so you slow down carefully and stop. As if this was not angering enough, the same driver backs up and bumps you again. Your beautiful, shiny sports car that cost a year's salary! On an intellectual level, we understand that anger is counterproductive. No matter how infuriating a situation is, we can put the anger aside and act civilly.

You jump out in a rage, ready to let the guy really have it... Especially when standing up against a 6-foot-10 linebacker. He is blind to the consequences of his actions; hence the expression, "blind rage." He has given into frustration.

At times like that, it's important to monitor your success, even if it's only in microscopic increments.

Accomplishment will make you feel good about yourself. A 3-hour marathon may be nearly impossible to run, but 10 runs of 18 minutes each is more reasonable. Then, when you're in the heat of a project and feel yourself coming undone, just tell yourself, "Another 5 minutes, and then I'll quit!

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The holidays are supposed to be a glorious time of sparkling lights and good will toward men, but when disappointments inevitably come, I apply what I’ve learned at addiction’s feet: to keep my expectations in check, to breathe, to take one moment at a time, to allow others to make mistakes without the heaviness of judgment, and to stay close but out of the chaos.

Is it reasonable to assume that your life will always be frustration-free and a smooth ride? In the Book of Proverbs, King Solomon said: "The righteous person falls seven times and gets up.

The evil person falls just once." We see that the righteous person is not defined as someone who never makes a mistake.

I'll only embarrass myself and come to regret it." If we could see a videotape of ourselves getting angry, the humiliation might well cure us of anger for the rest of our lives!

Did you ever undertake to learn a new skill – like a foreign language or musical instrument – and then quit?

In spirituality, the Sages say; "If you work and don't succeed, it means you didn't work hard enough." Even though there is no guarantee of success in any other area, there is a guarantee of spiritual success. Accept pain and accept frustration, because anybody who can sit on nails has got a sense of freedom. No matter what the outcome, each successful step improves your self-confidence and keeps you on the road to true success.

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