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17-Dec-2017 19:20

Episodes that are less than two minutes long follow an unnamed young man in his, often failed, attempts to better his love/sex life, career, housing situation, etc.

Originally aired as a segment of Le Grand Journal series.

However, many French game shows and reality shows are based on one or more series or television show franchises from other countries, most commonly from the UK.

From the second season on all documentary aspects are discarded and the two families have become next-door neighbors.Hélène et les Garçons is a spin-off of Premiers Baisers.The romantic adventures begin when college student Hélène Girard, played by French singer Hélène Rollès, and her roommates Cathy and Johanna meet three male college roommates.With absolutely no mission to complete, Capitaine Lamar and his crew roam the cosmos in their spaceship, Libérator (lit. Objectif: Nul is a spoof of popular sci-fi multimedia that was originally a segment of the series Nulle Part Ailleurs.

A spin-off of the 2012–present series, Workin Girls, which is a French adaptation of the 2008–present Dutch series, Toren C.She goes to fill in for her father as director of a summer camp for 10- to 14-year-olds.