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Consequently, there’s no connection between the user’s identity and the ASP. Session IDs are by default managed by the built-in Session IDManager.It takes care of various things, but most importantly (for this post) the creation and validation of session identifiers. NET has two ways of transmitting session IDs back and forth to the browser, either embedded in the url or through a session cookie.a 24-character string consisting of characters a-z and 0-5.If the client does not provide a session ID or provides an invalid session ID, ASP. If the client supplies a valid session ID and there’s no session associated with that ID on the server, ASP.NET application with session IDs in URL, Troy Hunt explains why in his OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers part 3: Broken authentication and session management.The Session State Module on the other hand manages the ASP.NET session state, and it does so without regard to the identity of the current user.

NET handles identities and sessions and then we’ll return to the requirements.Encryption ensures confidentiality, while the MAC makes the cookie value tamper-proof.These cookies are usually referred to as "authentication cookies", so we’ll stick with that term in this post.OWASP has a great guide on what you should test for in your session management.

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If you’re familiar with the Microsoft SDL you’ve probably noticed that it also has a set of recommendations for session management. NET session management to see how it fares against some of these requirements.

It seems that authentication and session management is so difficult to get right that even the big players occasionally get in trouble.