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20-Dec-2017 23:48

From: David Thorne Date: Monday 17 August 2009 2.38pm To: Thomas Cc: Shannon Subject: Re: What the fuck?Thomas, do you feel it is fair that Shannon should have to wash everyone's coffee cups?However the cost structure has shifted dramatically."These days generators can't, or don't bid, at anything much under /MWh," Mr Mc Ardle said.Mr Mc Ardle said there are numerous cases of over-simplification for the cause of the price hike which have clouded the issue."It's all due to the Hazelwood closure, it's all due due to high gas prices, it's all due to intermittency, it's all due to those greedy incumbent gentailers, it's all due to the wind drought, the list goes on."Mr Mc Ardle said there was a desperate need to increase the capacity for thinking around the greatly increased number of variables in power pricing.While I am sure you have not done this on purpose and are not inferring anything, I would appreciate you rectifying this immediately.Would it be possible to swap colours with Thomas as he has quite a nice dusty blue.From: David Thorne Date: Monday 17 August 2009 1.22pm To: Shannon Subject: Colour coded coffee cup cleaning chart Shannon, I notice that you have colour coded the coffee cup cleaning chart.While I appreciate the creative effort that has gone into this roster, the light salmon colour you have chosen for my name is very effeminate.

If at any stage our rostered coffee cup cleaning commitments coincide with work requirements, we can simply hold the client meeting in the kitchen. Today it may only be twelve coffee cups but tomorrow it could be several plates and a spoon and then where would we be?

If we have clients here and they use coffee cups then it is appreciated that you wash them as part of your job.

From: David Thorne Date: Monday 17 August 2009 3.09pm To: Shannon Subject: Rescheduling coffee cup duties Shannon, can I swap my rostered coffee cup cleaning duty this afternoon for Thursday?

I am Monday morning and Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

David is Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning, Lillian is Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon and Thomas is Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning.I have been busy all day working, not looking at pictures of Johnny Depp on the internet, and not had time to familiarise myself with correct coffee cup cleaning requirements.