Samuel nicholas wechsler dating

22-Nov-2017 08:26

The friend said Wechsler came by her house the night before the shooting asking to borrow her Jeep, telling her he needed the vehicle to transport some gym equipment he was planning to sell.

The Jeep would later be found at the scene of the quadruple murder-suicide.

"We didn't start off at the beginning of this season with a big whiteboard like, who can we move out? But we certainly wanted to be this season, as you do every season, ready for anything," showrunner Matt Olmstead tells .If he was a former protege of Voight's from the gang unit, then does he represent the old Voight, which we knew from which was the kind of no-rules person which Voight has evolved from? "So the journey for his former protege is can he also make that transition?Or is he stuck in a certain methodology that is far from being with Voight back in the wild west of the gang unit? Is he too feet-first, fist-first or can he make the adjustment?That cleared the way for Voight (Jason Beghe) to finally promote uniformed cop Burgess (Marina Squerciati) upstairs — a question that's been looming since season one.

"The show's here because of her as much as anybody else, so we want to keep her around, keep Platt around, but also honor the evolution of the show," Olmstead explains.Shirley Goodwin, a close friend of Wechsler's, said his girlfriend broke up with him about a month ago, plunging him into a deep depression.